Tips for lighting and colour in your kitchen

Getting the lighting and the colour right in your kitchen is essential if you want to make the most of the space.  And let’s face it, when you have invested in the kitchen of your dreams, you want to show them off to your best advantage.  The right décor and lighting should also be a part of your overall design. Make sure the lighting goes well with your kitchen appliances, and always consult a professional electrician when wiring your kitchen or connecting new appliances like cookers.

The right lighting can help to highlight the features of your kitchen as well as making it more user-friendly.  Make sure that the lighting that you choose is bright but does not have a glare to it.  You want to feel as though your kitchen is welcoming – you should never dread spending time in it!  Opt for task lighting if you can so that the areas where you will be working are properly illuminated but softer lighting can be used in any dining area that you have.  Make sure that the lighting can be accessed easily so that you can clean it when needed and there should be switches for the main lights at both doors.

When it comes to colour for your kitchens West Sussex then you need to consider the style of décor that you want.  If your kitchen is traditional then stark colours such as white and black should be avoided.  Softer colours such as duck egg blue, cream and soft greens are perhaps better.  However, there is still something to be said for bright colours such as yellow in a kitchen – very vibrant, welcoming and very sunny!   Just make sure that your colours work with the colours you have chosen for your kitchen cabinets.

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