The Pros Of Solid Wood Panelling

Are you looking to add wooden panels to your wall? Not sure whether it’s the right decision? Wood panelling when done correctly can offer elegance and decorativeness to compliment your home. Interior designers use them in modern homes to bring a new look and vibrancy. They also offer a different look to the traditional painted or wallpapered wall. When it comes to deciding whether to place solid wood panels on your wall, the following are the pros of solid wood panelling in your home.

Pros Of Solid Wood Panelling

Aesthetics – Wood panelling can provide a home with rich elegance depending on the wood used. Wood panelling also provides a pleasant, smooth and clean appearance when viewed and touched. Wood panelling can be extended to an intermediate or full height level. Oak panels are a common choice amongst many homes.

Concealing Flaws – Another advantage of wood panels is it can conceal flaws in the wall and can hide unsightly wiring and cables that can’t be moved. This can’t be done with paint or wall paper.

Insulation – Wood panelling also provides some insulation properties when installed within homes. This is because of the thickness of the solid wood panels. Many people install wood panelling within their homes to help keep the warmth in during the winter months.

Repair and Replace – If damage occurs, a selected wood panel can easily be sanded and resealed. If the panel is extensively damaged, it can be replaced without disturbing the rest of the wall.


As you can see there are many different advantages of using solid wood panelling within your home. The type of wood is really up to you; however, you definitely won’t be disappointed. So are you installing wood panels into your home?