Stained glass

If you want to make your windows a little bit different, why not consider having stained glass to replace some of your plain panes of glass – even on your sliding glass doors. You can have these fitted to your doors or windows, and if you are a little creative, your supplier may even be able to recreate your own design into the glass for an added personal touch.

Stained glass can also be used for privacy in a home that has an area that is overlooked. Some people like to use frosted glass in a bathroom for example, but stained glass can do the same job and look absolutely stunning. It can really make a feature of any room. If you have windows that have small panes of glass at the top and larger panes at the bottom, you may want to replace those small panes with a vintage style stained glass throughout the home. This can create a feature of your windows, and also add character to a newer built home.

Stained glass panels can be as large as you like, just remember how large those church windows can be! If you want to use stained glass on your sliding glass doors then this is also possible. Your supplier can discuss your options with you, but it would make a beautiful addition to any kitchen/diner, conservatory or even artist studio. You might even want to upgrade your shower enclosure with a unique take on the standard glass walls. As a matter of fact, anywhere you use sliding glass doors can be made that little bit extra special.