How big should the kitchen be?

You might have spent a bit of time watching those home renovation shows that recommend knocking down walls and making everything look bigger.  It is certainly true that for some kitchens Surrey homeowners need to rethink the layout.  A small kitchen is fine if it is in an apartment or there is only going to be one person using it.  However, as soon as you introduce a family into the equation then there is a lot more to consider when it comes to the design of your home.

There is a growing trend now to create a room that is a large kitchen diner.  Many people want the focus of their home to be the kitchen as it is where a lot of time is spent.  If this is the case for you then you might want to consider knocking a wall down and creating a much more user-friendly space.

Other points to consider include whether or not you have a utility space.  If you do then you do not need to account for this in the design of your kitchen and the space that you would normally give over to a washing machine and tumble dryer can be used for something else.

Consider the size of your family when planning a kitchen.  For kitchens Surrey homeowners might want to have a table that is separate from their formal dining area so space might be needed for this but an island unit or breakfast bar could be another option for informal dining.  If you have more than the average 2.4 children then a larger area is probably best so that they have somewhere to do homework while you are cooking and can keep an eye on them.

The space available can be carefully designed to meet the needs of the family and all you have to do is mention your requirements to your designer so that it can be incorporated.  Simple! Click here for more information.