Crafting with mosaics

There are many programmes on the TV now about how people reuse and recycle old pieces of furniture and knick-knacks and turn them into something a little bit different. Using mosaics is the perfect way to make changes to an item because it is fun to do and is a fairly cheap pastime.

Furniture can be mosaicked very easily, a table top for example makes a great flat surface, one that is crying out for a whole new look. You can buy mosaic tilesin a pack with pre-selected colours and easy to follow instructions on how to create the image on the front of the pack. If you are a little more adventurous, you can create your own design and buy broken tiles in your desired colours to make up your image. Some tile outlets will let you have the broken tiles for free, so it is worth asking around.

If you want to start small, you can buy glass vases very cheaply. These look great when covered in mosaic tiles. The good thing is you don’t need a specific image or design to make a great looking vase, and it creates an added splash of colour to what might be a fairly plain room.

The best thing is, your designs can be made into lovely gifts for family and friends. They will only cost a few pounds each to make, and you can have the pleasure in knowing you have hand crafted something unique and personal just for them. have a great choice of mosaic tiles which can be used to decorate your home, your furnishings or trinkets. Check out their website for some great ideas.