Building a new home? Why not make it a shabby chic home?

Shabby Chic Design

Building a new home is always one among the many wishes people have in the course of their lifetime. And not just building any home, building a great home. Sometimes that may not be possible in the present, but it is still possible to revamp your home. Whatever the case, you can make your home look more refreshed and stylish.

The areas of interior and exterior designs have continued to expand throughout the years because of its great importance which cannot be overstated here. The Shabby chic design approach remains among the popular design approaches adopted by homeowners and construction companies.

Shabby Chic Design

Shabby chic furniture

The design was very popular in the 1990s but still it has many adherents at the present time.This style was made popular by Rachel Ashwell,an interior designer, who sells shabby chic furniture.

What does the design style involve exactly? With this form of interior design, both fixtures and furniture are chosen because they appear aged and have signs of wear and tear. Additionally, new items can be distressed to give them the antique appearance.

Sometimes the Shabby chic design form is referred to as vintage chic or country chic. There are various variants of Shabby Chic style which includes Cottage chic and Beach cottage chic.

The major reason why this form of design is popular is that apart from the antiquated appearance, it is also easy and inexpensive to make.The antique appearance serves as a way of not only embracing an imperfection but also honoring it. Shabby chic furniture, antiqued or upcycled, can be bought cheaply. The other option is buying modern furniture cheaply and giving it the shabby chic outlook.That can be done by you. If you are looking for some already made, stunning antiqued furniture, then be sure to check out or The Painted Cottage Studio for some beautiful furniture pieces.

Below are some of the design ideas that maybe implemented within your home for your shabby chic furniture décor.

I. Use of textural walls

There are various design ideas that can be implemented to give your wall the shabby chic look. The use of vintage papers is one of them and it will help you greatly achieve this style.

II. Use of mismatched and textural throw pillows

We often use throw pillows on the top of every bed and sofa because they always make the places more welcoming. The use of throw pillows that are mismatched and rough textured is a sure guarantee that you are embracing the décor style discussed here in your home.

III. Use of woven baskets

Most of the baskets that we use at present are mostly made by companies. These baskets lack the handicraft that is associated with woven baskets that are not that popular at present. In your family room or in the foyer, you can use the woven baskets to fill your flowers. They can also be used for storing clothes.


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IV. Use of old windows and some shutters and worn out wooden doors.

For example, worn doors can be used as a bedhead or by just leaning it against a corner wall among other potential uses.

V. Use of wrought iron furniture and other pieces

That old age spirit would automatically be evoked any time you use wrought iron furniture in your home décor. The furniture can be your bed or simply be in a courtyard setting.



Iron Wine Rack
Iron Wine Rack With Brushed Finish – £14.99

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VI. Use of uncovered bricks especially in the dining room and in the bedroom. That would represent a great supplement to the shabby chic decoration style.

VII. Use of vintage and special artworks for decorating your walls.

In conclusion, only a few tips have been given above to give your home a shabby chic appearance. There are a number of ideas that can still be implemented. If you are not good at coming up with ideas, well the internet still remains our number one source of information. What though should be observed is that while trying to implement various shabby chic furniture ideas, try to remain within the acceptable standards. That is for the reason that the home décor is not made to appear like a junk store.