Are you renovating your home? Need to buy a new shower? Throughout your life, you spend a lot of time in the shower. With so many different showers on offer these days, there are many different things to consider before buying one. If you’re looking for a shower the following is a guide on how Read More

The Pros Of Solid Wood Panelling

Are you looking to add wooden panels to your wall? Not sure whether it’s the right decision? Wood panelling when done correctly can offer elegance and decorativeness to compliment your home. Interior designers use them in modern homes to bring a new look and vibrancy. They also offer a different look to the traditional painted Read More


When looking from the outside, running a business feels very much like simply “bossing people around”. However, the truth is that the intricacies of running a business are much more difficult to handle – and if you are already a business owner, you know this better than anyone. Running a start-up can be extremely stressful Read More

Will a Luxury Bathroom Increase Your Home Value

“Luxury” is the kind of word we tend to use too often and with too many different meanings. For some people, luxury means living in a new building. While for other people, it is always associated with high-class and a good family history. For example, luxury bathrooms are usually defined through quality and looks. But Read More

Let your builders’ merchants help transform your bathroom
Do you need a PR company

You might consider at some point that a PR company is something that you need.  However, many companies have hired a PR firm when it was not needed or at the wrong time, so how do you know that the time is right for you?   There are times when the services of a PR Read More

What are feed-in tariffs

A feed-in tariff is something that has been talked about a lot in recent years.  It is an initiative that was introduced by the government that rewards homeowners for using renewable energies to generate their own electricity.  In order to qualify you will need to have a form of renewable electricity generation installed that has Read More

How big should the kitchen be

You might have spent a bit of time watching those home renovation shows that recommend knocking down walls and making everything look bigger.  It is certainly true that for some kitchens Surrey homeowners need to rethink the layout.  A small kitchen is fine if it is in an apartment or there is only going to Read More

Crafting with mosaics

There are many programmes on the TV now about how people reuse and recycle old pieces of furniture and knick-knacks and turn them into something a little bit different. Using mosaics is the perfect way to make changes to an item because it is fun to do and is a fairly cheap pastime. Furniture can Read More


When your friend, sister, cousin or any other relative asks you to be their bridesmaid, it is an honour that cannot be taken lightly and it is an experience you will not wish to forget- if the wedding is a success. If you have never done it before you might be nervous not knowing what Read More