What are feed-in tariffs

A feed-in tariff is something that has been talked about a lot in recent years.  It is an initiative that was introduced by the government that rewards homeowners for using renewable energies to generate their own electricity.  In order to qualify you will need to have a form of renewable electricity generation installed that has Read More

How big should the kitchen be

You might have spent a bit of time watching those home renovation shows that recommend knocking down walls and making everything look bigger.  It is certainly true that for some kitchens Surrey homeowners need to rethink the layout.  A small kitchen is fine if it is in an apartment or there is only going to Read More

Crafting with mosaics

There are many programmes on the TV now about how people reuse and recycle old pieces of furniture and knick-knacks and turn them into something a little bit different. Using mosaics is the perfect way to make changes to an item because it is fun to do and is a fairly cheap pastime. Furniture can Read More


When your friend, sister, cousin or any other relative asks you to be their bridesmaid, it is an honour that cannot be taken lightly and it is an experience you will not wish to forget- if the wedding is a success. If you have never done it before you might be nervous not knowing what Read More

leaflet distribution

If you have started a business and are now looking forward for an efficient and inexpensive way to promote it to a mass audience, then promoting it through leaflet distribution is the perfect choice for you. It is very flexible and one of the most popular types of advertising. There is no limit to the Read More

kitchen color and lighting

Getting the lighting and the colour right in your kitchen is essential if you want to make the most of the space.  And let’s face it, when you have invested in the kitchen of your dreams, you want to show them off to your best advantage.  The right décor and lighting should also be a Read More

Green Smoothie

You can make your own green smoothie really easily, but if you choose the Lovetaste.co products you can have your healthy smoothie made up in seconds. There are a wide choice of flavours too, just click here to see the full range. Lovetaste.co smoothies are really convenient, especially for those who have a busy lifestyle. Read More

stained glass

If you want to make your windows a little bit different, why not consider having stained glass to replace some of your plain panes of glass – even on your sliding glass doors. You can have these fitted to your doors or windows, and if you are a little creative, your supplier may even be Read More

If you want to find out more about how to take care of your children’s teeth you should pay a visit to your dentist. Worthing dentists will be able to offer you the advice you need to give your children’s teeth the best start in life. It is recommended that you begin to use a Read More

aluminium shutters 2

Aluminium shutters are not only dependable and long lasting but they also possess good looks. Owing to the innovative developments in this industry, you will find these shutters in beautiful designs, and this, in turn, provides a rich look to the interiors and to the exteriors of the doors and windows of your property. It Read More